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About Supporting Wellness: Bonnyville

Supporting Wellness Psychological and Family Services Will open in Bonnyville in January 2018 - prior to this, the availability of specialized psychological services was minimal in the area. Our mission as helping professionals is to provide a milieu of mental health and family services to the Bonnyville community. By choosing Supporting Wellness, individuals and families no longer need to commute a far distance in order to have their therapeutic needs met. 

Supporting Wellness Bonnyville consists of four registered psychologists who are specialized in many modalities of therapy. Through services such as Individual therapy, Child and Adolescent therapy, Marriage and Family therapy, EMDR therapy, Psycho Educational Assessment and School Support, we provide a diverse approach to therapy and wellness. Our therapists offer their own unique treatment modalities. 

We pride ourselves in being present with our clients, creating a clear direction for growth, and celebrating the positive outcomes of change. Let us help you to experience therapy in a new way: explore making positive changes in your life, and begin your journey of renewal today.

(Office is on the second floor, Entrance at the back of the building) 5027 50 Ave Bonnyville, AB
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Counselling aims to help individuals, couples, and families grow and make positive changes in their lives. Our experienced and caring therapists can help you and your loved ones manage concerns such as depression, anxiety, stress, and addiction. We value and are considerate of the unique needs of each individual.


Supporting Wellness Psychological and Family Services offers several forms of assessment. Our specialized therapists offer assessment in learning, behaviour, speech, sensory perception, and ADHD.