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About Supporting Wellness: Calgary

Supporting Wellness Psychological and Family Services has been in private practice for the past 10 years. Our mission as helping professionals is to ensure that the individual, couple, and families needs are tailored to make the change process a positive experience. Our diverse approach to therapy offers a host of therapeutic services all in one location. Services such as Marriage and Family Therapy, Occupational Therapy, ADHD Coaching, Speech Therapy, Massage Therapy, as well as Educational Workshops provide a diverse approach to modern therapy. Our experienced psychologists and therapists offer their own unique treatment modalities. We pride ourselves in being present with our clients, creating a clear direction for growth and celebrating the positive outcomes of change. 

Come and experience therapy in a new way, explore, and begin your journey towards positive change today.

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Counselling aims to help individuals, couples, and families grow and make positive changes in their lives. Our experienced and caring therapists can help you and your loved ones manage concerns such as depression, anxiety, stress, and addiction. We value and are considerate of the unique needs of each individual.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy addresses physical, mental, and cognitive disorders. At Supporting Wellness our occupational therapist focuses on sensory regulation, as well as child and adult ADHD assessment, and coaching.

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy offers many forms to assess and facilitate speech. Our speech therapist addresses many areas specific to the individual need. This facilitation and learning process is provided in a fun-filled environment.


Supporting Wellness Psychological and Family Services offers several forms of assessment. Our specialized therapists offer assessment in learning, behaviour, speech, sensory perception, and ADHD.


Throughout the year several workshops are offered by Supporting Wellness Psychological and Family Services. We offer a variety of topics and are working towards becoming more innovative by offering webinars, and online discussions on interesting subjects.

Wellness Centre

We are pleased to offer this addition to our practice. Massages such as relaxation, and deep tissue are available through our Registered Massage Therapists.