ADHD Coaching

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  • Available in Calgary
  • Available in Cold Lake
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Specialized expertise in working with children and parents to provide understanding, strategies and support with solving everyday self-regulation challenges. ADHD coaching, involves regular support with navigating daily challenges and moving forward with more specific goals. 

Coaching can help to:

  • Increase awareness and understanding of ADHD

  • Improve overall self-awareness

  • Find strategies that can solve everyday ADHD related challenges

  • Uncover strengths that can lead to more daily ease and success 

  • Make progress towards creating the life you want

Coaching Services Provided:

  • ADHD Parent Coaching

  • ADHD Coaching for Teens and Post-Secondary Students

  • ADHD Coaching for Adults

  • ADHD Coaching for Children

    For children-exploring strategies related to challenges with focus, emotional regulation, daily routines, social skills or fine-motor/written output.

  • ADHD Consultation Sessions

    For adults with ADHD or parents of children with ADHD, who are interested in just receiving ADHD education rather than ADHD coaching.

  • Home, School Visits and Reports for Schools

    Can be arranged for existing clients receiving occupational therapy support.

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