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Lisa Thomson

Registered Provisional Psychologist

How Lisa Thomson can help

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Lisa Thomson is a Registered Provisional Psychologist and a Registered Clinical Marriage and Family therapist who specializes in working with individuals, and couples who are feeling stuck or at a crossroads. She offers support for those looking to strengthen their relationships, their parenting, and those with a desire to invest in creating a life of intention, breaking dysfunctional family patterns and choosing to create new habits. Counselling can support you in processing what you are going through, developing new modes of navigating in your life personally and within the context of personal and professional relationships. Lisa has a background working with families within the education system, providing family counselling focused on the parent-child relationship, supporting men and women during the perinatal period/transition to parenthood, and loves working with couples. 

Every relationship is susceptible to challenges. We all experience seasons of celebration and seasons of disappointment and pain. Lisa will work with you to identify where you are stuck, help you process the relationship roadblocks, and support you in moving forward. 

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