Nicola Rimke

Registered Provisional Psychologist

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Nicola is a Registered Provisional Psychologist with a Masters of Counselling degree.  Her major areas of interest include mood concerns and trauma in children and adults, learning and behavioral concerns in children, mindfulness, and optimal parenting.  She brings several years experience working with children with significant learning and behavioural concerns in specialized private schools.  Nicola currently works with several charter schools in Calgary to help children with mood and learning concerns and to support teachers in helping their students achieve the best possible academic outcomes.  

Nicola uses a collaborative approach in her work with clients, drawing from several methods including mindfulness, play, narrative, and cognitive behavioural therapies to help clients achieve their goals.  Nicola enjoys guiding clients to build strong attachment within families, to increase their resiliency, and to recognise their innate strengths to resolve concerns.  Under the supervision of Zeljko Puric, Nicola will be offering counselling and psychoeducational assessments for children in the Cold Lake area.  

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