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  • The Distress Centre - 24 hour crisis line:  (403) 266-4357

  • Community Resources Team:  (403) 299-9699

  • Parent Help Line:  1 (888) 603-9100

  • Teen Line - 24 hour crisis line: (403) 264-8336

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Book Resources

These are books written within the field of Psychology that clients have found very helpful. With the exception of Healing the Wounds In Couple Relationships, the books are all available through Amazon.ca



Mental Health




Anxiety and Panic


  • Boundaries When to Say Yes When to Say No by Cloud and Townsend

    This book is immensely popular and one of the best books written on boundaries. It is written by psychologists from a Christian perspective. It shows how to set reasonable boundaries and makes personal boundaries easier to define and view them in the context of personal growth. This is one of the best books written on the necessity of putting boundaries in place in relationships and their use as a way of being assertive. It has many scriptural references so may not appeal to all.



Definitive work on self-esteem by the leading pioneer in the field.


It's important to be informed about your partner’s anatomy and sexual physiology.