Anna K

Anna Kommes

Registered Speech-language Pathologist

Anna is a clinically certified and registered speech-language pathologist with over ten years experience working with children.  Communication is an essential foundation for personal wellbeing, social-emotional development, building confidence and academic success.  Anna is extremely passionate about helping individuals reach their highest potential as communicators and promote development in all of these areas.  In Anna’s experience, children tend to be more successful when there is collaboration with the child, their family and the speech-language pathologist not only to develop goals that are functional and relevant to the child’s life but also throughout their treatment.  In addition to individual sessions, she is also available to meet with teachers to discuss how to best support children in their school setting and welcomes collaboration with other professionals.


Anna has experience working in the areas of articulation and oral motor, fluency, phonological awareness, social communication as well as expressive and receptive language.  She is trained in PROMPT, PODD and Lively Letters, and is also a certified yoga teacher who teaches adults and children.

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