Anna K

Anna Kommes

Registered Speech-language Pathologist

Anna is a clinically certified and registered speech-language pathologist with over ten years experience working with children.  Communication is an essential foundation for personal wellbeing, social-emotional development, building confidence and academic success.  Anna is extremely passionate about helping individuals reach their highest potential as communicators and promote development in all of these areas.  In Anna’s experience, children tend to be more successful when there is collaboration with the child, their family and the speech-language pathologist not only to develop goals that are functional and relevant to the child’s life but also throughout their treatment.  In addition to individual sessions, she is also available to meet with teachers to discuss how to best support children in their school setting and welcomes collaboration with other professionals.


Anna has experience working in the areas of articulation and oral motor, fluency, phonological awareness, social communication as well as expressive and receptive language.  She is trained in PROMPT, PODD and Lively Letters, and is also a certified yoga teacher who teaches adults and children.

Speech Therapy

Some people have trouble coordinating the movements of their oral structures, such as their lips, tongue and jaw, which can contribute to difficulty pronouncing speech sounds and can affect an individual’s understandability.  Speech therapy can help people say sounds correctly and speak more clearly by addressing motor challenges that contribute to a speech delay or disorder.


People may also present with dysfluencies, or stuttering, when they speak.  A speech-language pathologist can work with the individual and their families to learn strategies for supporting fluent speech.


Language Therapy

Some people are difficult to understand because their vocabulary may be delayed, they are using the wrong words in the wrong places, or because they have difficulty communicating their thoughts in a way that makes sense.  People may also have difficulty understanding language, which can affect their ability to follow directions, answer questions, or stay on topic during a conversation.  Language therapy can support people in improving their use and understanding of language.


Literacy Skills Support

Does your child struggle to manipulate sounds in words when they are reading or spelling?  Improving their phonological awareness, or sound awareness, can support a child’s literacy development and progress their reading and spelling skills.


Social Language Therapy

Some people have difficulty being part of a group, having a conversation or making small talk with others.  Staying on topic, following a conversation and relating to others are social language skills that a speech-language pathologist can help with. 


Speech-Language Assessments

A speech assessment can help to identify why a person may be struggling to be understood.  The speech-language pathologist will listen to how an individual is saying their sounds and will check their oral structures and their functions to try and determine why their speech is being affected. 


A language assessment can help to identify why a person is having difficulty using and understanding language. Depending on the concerns, the speech-language pathologist can complete assessments to generate a communication profile for that individual and identify their areas of strengths and challenges.  This information can be extremely valuable when a child is struggling academically or socially. 


Please contact the speech-language pathologist to discuss your concerns in more detail.  A hearing evaluation will be recommended before a speech-language assessment.



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$175/60 minutes

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