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Anna is a clinically certified and registered speech-language pathologist with over ten years of clinical experience.  The ability to communicate is our way of connecting to the world around us and is an essential foundation for personal wellbeing, social-emotional development, confidence and academic/professional success.  Anna will complete an individualized assessment and will offer her guidance and support to address her client’s speech-language goals using researched and evidence-based practices.  In-clinic speech-language support is offered to school-aged children (6-17) and adults (18+) in the areas of:

  • Articulation (pronouncing speech sounds)
  • Understandability
  • Fluency
  • Accent modification
  • Voice therapy & Transgender voice therapy
  • Phonological awareness (pre-literacy skills)
  • Language delays/disorders

Anna is also a certified yoga teacher.

Anna Kommes

is a systemic therapist who: