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Kate Kolskog

Kate Kolskog is a Registered Psychologist and a Registered Clinical Marriage and Family therapist, who inspires people to evaluate life events from a positive meaningful perspective. She is an interactive and relationship based therapist who enjoys meeting her clients and learning about them through their life journey.


For the past 28 years Kate has had the privilege to work with individuals in the educational, corporate, and the athletic sector. Within her private practice she works with individuals, couples, and families. Kate believes that change is possible if you want to address the problem area and give it new meaning. You do not have to let problems manage you…. you can manage the problem! You can overcome obstacles! There is nothing stopping you. Kate will be excited to meet with you, and partner with you through this process. Get started today!

Kate Kolskog

is a systemic therapist who:

  • Supports the client through the process of change: Being empowered to look at yourself and your situation through a different lens can strengthen the change process. Change is a joy that can help renew and restore us.
  • Educates and teaches the client to be responsible in their life, and to be confident in their abilities to manage their problems. Knowing that everyone can move through their problems and find solutions is a sense of empowerment that each person deserves.
  • Laughs and delights in sharing the experience of change: Being serious has come to define us, and often times we dwell in our own misery. Finding humor in life, and being able to laugh in session is a key part of Kate’s therapeutic experience. We need to laugh and find joy in who we are as unique individuals.