Indigenous Counselling

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Putting Indigenous Counselling Values First

First Nations and Inuit communities are an integral part of the cultural fabric of Canada. Their culture and way of life shows a deep connection with the land. As well, the tradition of oral history enriches a storied and interesting heritage. However, they have also faced a fair amount of adversity through many generations. As a result, many communities have trouble growing and strengthening their ties to the land and each other. At Supporting Wellness, there is an understanding of the importance of these cultural values and a desire to help all First Nations people give back to their communities in meaningful and holistic ways. Our indigenous counselling support programs are just one way we strive to provide more inclusive services.

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Informed, Compassionate Care for Indigenous Counselling

In regards to indigenous counselling, we understand that the challenges are severe. First Nations people face a massive slew of systemic problems such as racism, discrimination, loss of culture, neglect, abuse, addiction, fetal alcohol syndrome, and trauma. However, these are not all the issues they face. Understanding the large degree to which these proud people have been forced out of their natural living circumstances makes up a large part of our counselling programs. Speak with our indigenous counsellors to see how they place Indigenous relations at the forefront of their practice.

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Unique Solutions for Indigenous Counselling

All of our counsellors are trained for sensitivity and work to achieve a deep understanding of their First Nation client’s unique problems. We have programs that focus on conquering addiction and robust treatment plans such as occupational therapy, EMDR therapy, and more. Furthermore, we are aware of the immensely negative cultural impact that residential schools played on Indigenous groups across Canada. Our PTSD trauma counsellors have practical tools and compassionate care treatments to work through the most challenging parts of this dark period of history. Additionally, we offer online indigenous counselling services for remote clients. To learn more about our various programs and services, stop by or give us a call today.