Supervision Program

Supporting Wellness Psychological & Family Services Provisional Supervision Program

Supporting Wellness Psychological & Family Services provides supervision for Provisional Registered Psychologists. The supervision program offers supervision for Provisional Registered Psychologists who are working full or part time and in need of a qualified supervisor.

Kate Kolskog is a Registered Psychologist, and a Clinical Marriage & Family Therapist. Kate has a diverse background in work experience. She started her career path as a child and youth counsellor working in several residential treatment programs. It was as a child and youth counsellor that she decided to do her Masters in Marriage & Family Therapy at Loma Linda University. After completing her Master’s program, Kate Kolskog worked in the independent schools as a Psychologist working with children, adolescents, parents, and teaching staff. She continues to fulfill this role, and enjoys the diverse treatment needs required within the school setting.

Kate Kolskog worked as an instructor at City University for a period of 9 years. She was the practicum instructor, teaching the practicum course to students completing their Masters in Counselling. The courses being instructed were Ethics in Counselling, Clinical Counselling, as well as meeting with their practicum supervisors, and reviewing their clinical progress in the practicum setting.

Kate Kolskog is also the director of her private practice located in Calgary and Cold Lake, Alberta. Supporting Wellness Psychological & Family Services has several associates within each location, and offers a multidisciplinary approach to treatment. Kate is a strong advocate for mental health, and takes pride in the many mental health modalities offered through Supporting Wellness.

In September of 2017, Kate Kolskog decided to offer a provisional supervision program to Registered Provisional Psychologists. She enjoys teaching, and being an advocate for those who are entering the field of Psychology, and Marriage & Family Therapy. She enjoys overseeing the provisional hours and has created a supervision program that offers weekly individual supervision (video, and case consultation), clinical group supervision, examination and oral preparation, educational group presenters, and ongoing supervision after the 1600 hr completion (Form B).

As a supervisor, Kate Kolskog is experienced in several therapeutic modalities such as: Brief Solution Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Marriage & Family Therapy, Systems Theory, and Structural Therapy. Kate has experience working with children, adolescents, couples and families. Kate has worked in the field since 1986, and became a Registered Psychologist in 2011.

The Provisional Supervision Program is actively taking applications. Dependent on space and availability, applications may be put on hold until a space is made available. Fees for the program can be paid monthly or in two installments. The fee is discussed at the time of the interview. The supervision program does not offer provisional hours. Provisional applicants must have full time or part time employment to ensure that their provisional hours can be attained. This is an intensive 18-month program. Applicants must be prepared to write their EPPP and complete their oral in this time frame.

If you wish to apply for the supervision program please email: [email protected]. Tina Hoffman will be in touch with you to set up an interview time with Kate Kolskog. If you have any questions please direct them through this email.

“True teachers are those who use themselves as bridges over which they invite their student to cross; then, having facilitate their crossing, joyfully collapse, encouraging them to create their own.”

Nikos Kazantzakis